March 19, 2011

Our "lovable" vice president

In yet another "just imagine if this was a Republican" scenario, well, just read on ...

In the first minute, he tells thousands of labor activists how much his political career owes to the muscle of the labor movement and how there is a quid pro quo — right before touting the Obama administration as a neutral referee in the labor fights around the country.

Then, the vice president assures his listeners that the administration sees “the absolute positive necessity of collective bargaining” — without mentioning, of course, that federal workers are denied that very same collective bargaining.

Much worse, he says that the people who worked at the Labor Department and the National Labor Relations Board during the Bush administration were “wearing black shirts.”

Whatever was the vice president referring to? We’ve asked his office for a clarification, but have received no response in the past four hours. His office owes those people either an explanation or an apology, lest they believe that a sitting vice president of the United States meant to compare the people who worked in the last administration to Benito Mussolini’s paramilitary brutes.

Vice President Biden also called Republicans (or conservatives, at least) “barbarians.” (Link.)

Then we read about the recent naming of the Wilmington train station after him, which, as you'd expect, makes no mention of the $5.7 million that the project was over budget.

At least when people have a say in the matter, they just say "no" to Joe.

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