March 17, 2011

Who knew?

The Messiah's NCAA tournament picks (mentioned by Paul Smith earlier today) helped the Japan situation, according to New York Magazine:

People, understandably, would generally prefer their presidents to be doing important presidential things instead of goofing around, which is why pointing out when they do the goofy things ó whether itís golfing or clearing brush ó is such a common political attack. But in reality, Obama is not in charge of solving the nuclear crisis in Japan. He should keep abreast of developments, but spending a few minutes with ESPN in the White House isnít going to prevent him from doing that. And, in fact, Obama ensured that the ESPN video will actually help the Japanese people in tangible ways.

A lot of people are going to hear that message on TV and online, and some of them will go donate. That will end up helping Japan a lot more than Obama not doing the ESPN segment because of concerns about superficially damaging optics.

Wow! Remember when the MSM reported on how George W. Bush's time on his ranch actually helped the Iraq War effort, because seeing him there "led" people to donate to our troops? Same with his father -- when he was seen fishing at Kennebunkport, Maine, people got right on the phones and took up the cause ...

Unbelievable ...

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