March 13, 2011

You don't get me

I am not a Republican; I'm a conservative. - My loyalty is not some amorphous organization whose primary motive is to win elections. It's to a set of principles that I believe are both morally licit and provide the best chance for the moral and economic growth of any culture. Should the Republicans completely abandon them or the Democrats (or a viable third party) become the best method for promoting those values, I would leave the Republican Party without a second thought.

I'm not pro-business; I'm pro-free market. - I don't seek to encourage business development or the growth of existing businesses. I instead favor an environment that would level the playing field between consumers and business. Many (and possibly most) of the reforms of our business laws would be to the detriment of big businesses. When government gets involved in the economy, it skews the playing field in favor of some businesses (usually big business who can afford the cost of regulations) and also limits the freedom of choice of consumers who face either limited choices as to what purchases they can make or who they can make those purchases from.

I'm not anti-abortion; I'm pro-life. - My position on life is not limited to a stance on abortion; life guides my views on a variety of issues. While it shouldn't be stretched to the limits that many take the "seamless garment" argument to, life is more than just the issue of abortion. Innocent life should be respected and defended from conception to the moment of natural death and never intentionally ended.

The media and other liberals consistently misrepresent the views conservatives put forth, either out of malice or laziness. (Or both.) The above are just a few examples.

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Bravo! I could not have said it better myself.

Posted by: The Maryland Crustacean at March 13, 2011 09:37 PM

... and the only grammatically correct use of the word "licit" I have seen in the past decade.

Just sayin'.

Posted by: Steve Newton at March 14, 2011 12:15 PM

Steve, it's used quite frequently in Catholic apologetic writings. I picked it up from there.

Posted by: Paul Smith Jr at March 14, 2011 03:35 PM

It would actually be very detrimental to many larger businesses, because it would do away with many of the regulations they can easily absorb, the costs of which they just pass on to the consumer, those things that make so many smaller and mid-sized businesses unable to be competitive against them.

Posted by: ThePaganTemple at March 14, 2011 06:32 PM

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