March 10, 2011

Would the ACLU back him up?

Good question. As it is, he contacted the a "conservative" civil liberties group (how often does the AP or other MSM outlets refer to the ACLU as a "liberal" civil rights group, by the way?):

An Oregon school bus driver fired after he refused to remove a Confederate battle flag flying from his pickup truck has enlisted the help of a conservative civil liberties group in hopes of getting his job back.

The Rutherford Institute of Charlottesville, Va., sent a letter Wednesday to First Student Bus Transportation Services demanding that Ken Webber of Medford, Ore., be reinstated. The institute says flying the flag is covered by his First Amendment right to free speech. (Link.)

It's not that he refused to move a flag from the bus he drives; it's that he refused to move it from his own vehicle -- that was parked (obviously) on school property. This seems like a pretty easy case to me; doesn't a person have a 1st Amendment right to fly a flag on his own property? Would this district have fired the driver if he had, say a flag of the USSR or China flying on it? Or of a person like Stalin or Mao? Or even someone like Louis Farrakhan?

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