March 08, 2011

"Save our children" has the opposite meaning now?

Interesting article in today's News Journal which quotes a Danny Young, a 1973 graduate of PS DuPont High School who wants a Wilmington city school district again:

In the future, he wants to see that children in Wilmington go to schools near their homes. He thinks they have the opportunity to get a solid education in their own neighborhoods, but the only way that will happen is if Wilmington has its own school district.

"Other powers that be have had control of our schools for 35 years and they failed," said Young, 56. "It's time to give it back to us. It's time to give us control. Even if the Legislature says 'no,' we're willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to save our children."

Interesting choice of words there, Mr. Young. Because there exists a group from the city called The Coalition to Save Our Children which litigated to maintain the system of busing that had been in place since 1978! And those "other powers" you mention were the Coalition (or, its precursor), its plaintiffs ... and the then-extremely "progressive" judiciary, namely in the guise of one Judge Murray Schwartz!

So the question is ... which will save the children, then? Is it the system of busing which still essentially remains in place in New Castle County (the four major school districts have never substantially reverted to what they once were since the federal desegregation order was lifted in 1996), or is it going back to the existence of a Wilmington School District like that which was around pre-1978?

Back to the Future.

UPDATE: For a comprehensive overview of the New Castle County busing history, check out this classic Colossus post.

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