March 07, 2011

If the "Captain America" movie is anything like this ...

... you can forget it. Via a fan at the site:

So, I picked up the first issue of the New Ultimate Captain, where the 40's Cap runs into the Vietnam-era Cap. The issue ends with 40's Cap taken hostage by 60's Cap who is about to show him the true face of what America has become since WW 2. The latest issue #3, which, I did not buy has 60's Cap reading the 40's Cap about the 'crimes' done by America during the Cold War, quote 'Illegal Bombings by tbe most evil man ever Richard Nixon" the overthrow of the democratilly-elected elected govt of Chile replaced by Pinochet, playing a US Backed Contras audio tape of torture and screams and ending with 60's Cap 'waterboarding' the 40's Cap as it's 'not torture?' I'll tell you what is torture the continuous rewriting of real history by far-left zealot writing in comics and media and the whitewashing of the greatest crminals since WW 2 Nazis, the Communists. I think I'll be adding the writer of this stuff to my do not buy Alex Ross list. Keep it up and the only people who'll be buying your books is Mickey Moore at a Wisconsin rally.

For cripe's sake, what's the secret ID of the Ultimate Cap -- Ward Churchill??

There's really no use in responding to Marvel's latest nonsense point-by-point; if a person cannot see the contextual idiocy (or lack thereof) in this, all's lost. Which is certainly what I hope Marvel's revenues are with this title ... and others.

(h/t: Four Color Media Monitor.)

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Wow, they really said Richard Nixon was the most evil man who ever lived? So Nixon was worse than Hitler? Seriously, if 60's Cap says this to 40's Cap, what other context could there be? Marvel is actually saying that Richard Nixon was more evil, albeit in a more insidious way perhaps, than Adolf Hitler. The implications of that are very profoundly disturbing. Who knows, maybe they're leading up to a special "Ronald Reagan-Escape From Hell" series. Nothing would surprise me from this bunch anymore. That might be why I can't get any enjoyment from comics movies everybody swears are so great.

Posted by: ThePaganTemple at March 8, 2011 11:57 PM