March 07, 2011

Don't send Joe Wilson to investigate

Blast from the past?

Does this news story bring back memories, or what? Iran is arranging to buy yellowcake in Africa:

A leaked intelligence report suggests Iran will be awarded with exclusive access to Zimbabwe's uranium in return for providing the country with fuel.

The report - compiled by the United Nations' nuclear watchdog - said Iran's Foreign and Co-operative Ministers had visited Zimbabwe to strike a deal, and sent engineers to assess uranium deposits. ...

Uranium ore, or yellow cake, can be converted to a uranium gas which is then processed into nuclear fuel or enriched to make nuclear weapons. ...

Under this administration, there'll be no urgency to actually send someone like Joe Wilson to check this out. The administration itself will go out of its way not to "demonize" Iran in order to "maintain" a "positive" relationship with them. Just like it cannot bring itself to say "radical Islamic terrorism" even though, well, it is.

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