March 06, 2011

A.P., as usual, editorializes in news story

How utterly ridiculous is this:

PARIS After years of claiming presidential immunity to avoid legal proceedings, Jacques Chirac is finally facing a court.

The former president, a bugaboo for George W. Bush during his rush to war in Iraq, on Monday becomes France's first former head of state to go on trial since its Nazi-era leader was exiled.

How 'bout that!! It only took until the second paragraph -- out of an otherwise quite lengthy article -- for Jamey Keaten to insert a gratuitous shot at the former US president!

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Lefties and their talking points.

Where, exactly, was this *rush* to war in Iraq? 18 months after 9/11 and all the talking and planning that led up to it, where was the *rush*?

Posted by: Darren at March 6, 2011 02:22 PM