March 03, 2011

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Ohio Senate Passes Bill Limiting Collective Bargaining

Ha! Get a job in IT. Long "uncompensated" hours ("uncompensated" if you're foolish enough to believe that the expectation of a 40 hour work week applies to degreed professionals), the same concerns about being replaced by younger workers (with the added bonus of potentially being off-shored or replaced by an H1-B), stress (when is the last time you pulled an all-nighter trying to recover a dead server with the knowledge that if you can't bring it back there is a very real chance that your entire company will fold?), and the added threat of becoming obsolete as technologies progress while you're busy maintaining the legacy systems.

Somehow we manage to get by without a union propping us up. Somehow merit-based performance seems to work for us. In the cases when it doesn't, we move to another employer.

Granted, that's not easy and I'd sleep better at night knowing that I had a collective at my back that could use the extortion of a strike threat to get our way, but at some point I had to grow up and accept adult life as it is, not as I'd like it to be.

Exactly what I've been thinking of late.

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