February 26, 2011

Movie updates

  • Comics writer Mark Millar's politics are execrable, but he's definitely right about this regarding next year's Avengers film, I'm afraid:

    Where I think itís going to be difficult is once youíve done that thing of putting all those characters in one film...you know, itís like having Harry Potter, James Bond and Spider-Man all in one movie. I think whatíll be difficult then is to try and top that because people want to see it get bigger.

    So I anticipate things starting to slow down round about 2014 and 2015. I think thatís when it will really start to flat line a bit and weíre going to see our first failures.

    Hey -- every genre ebbs and flows. But having a ton of Marvel's marquee heroes all in one film? Good luck after that!

  • Did'ja know that there's a "Planet of the Apes" prequel in the works? James Franco stars in the film which details how man's own genetic experiments lead to heightened intelligence in apes, and the subsequent war for dominance.
  • The previously-mentioned-at-Colossus "Alien" prequel isn't really going to be ... a prequel. It's titled "Prometheus," and it will feature those lovable xenomorphs -- you just may not recognize them ... at first. That's because

    ... the first film's alien was so recognisably humanoid because it had grown in a human. The same applies here: generation by generation, the creature mutates. As 'Prometheus' begins, the xenomorph is not too recognisable. Sure, it has that alien DNA that Scott and Fassbender teasingly referred to, but it's missingÖ well, it's missing human DNA. Or dog DNA ...

    "Alien" remains the one movie to this day that consistently scares the living sh** out of me. I still cannot keep my eyes open when that "facehugger" leaps from the egg onto hapless John Hurt's spacesuit helmet!

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    I'm surprised you haven't done a review of The Cape. I haven't watched it yet, but I have an idea I'd want the hour back if I did.

    The Avengers film won't be much different than the X-Men or Fantastic Four, or for that matter Spider-Man and Batman. They're all shitty because they try to cram too many characters. Then they have to do their origins. Stick to one hero, one villain, and concentrate on making the best film with the best story you can.

    With the movies, its all about the teens and tweens, where with the comics they at least make an attempt (badly) to appeal to the older teen and college crowd. That's why I don't care about missing any of them. I finally saw Iron Man and The Dark Knight, and yes, I thought they both sucked. They should have just had Keith Ledger and called it The Joker.

    Posted by: ThePaganTemple at February 26, 2011 11:28 PM

    They won't have to do the origins of the Avengers b/c their individual films precede the team film. And you thought "Iron Man" and the "Dark Knight" sucked? Were you on crack?

    Posted by: Hube at February 27, 2011 09:43 AM

    What can I tell you? I have high standards. I did love Heath Ledger though. Now be honest, if he hadn't been in the movie, would people have raved about one half as much? One tenth as much?

    Posted by: ThePaganTemple at February 27, 2011 05:27 PM

    The original Salem's Lot TV miniseries from 1979 is what still leaves me wide-eyed all night long.

    Just had throw that in there.


    Posted by: W.R, Chandler at February 28, 2011 02:30 PM

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