February 23, 2011

Delaware has a Human Relations Commission?

Man, it's bad enough that non-First Amendment possessing countries like Canada have to deal with this crap; thankfully, our court system can counter these politically correct abominations:

The Delaware Supreme Court overturned a decision by the state Human Relations Commission that the manager of a Dover cinema was racist when he used a "condescending tone" in telling a crowd of largely black patrons viewing a Tyler Perry movie to silence their cell phones and remain quiet.

The commission also ordered the Carmike 14 Theater to pay nearly $80,000 for violating the Delaware Equal Accommodations Law after it determined the October 2007 announcement -- which was not regularly made in that way in other theaters -- "insulted, humiliated and demeaned" patrons in that manager David Stewart had singled out a black audience at a "minority-themed" movie.

Juana Fuentes-Bowles, then-director of the DHRC, "said she was 'an attorney or someone who worked for an attorney,' then collected names and phone numbers of patrons who were offended." Back in 2008, "a three-member panel of the commission ruled that the announcement violated Delaware's equal access law -- though everyone in the theater was still able to see the film -- because the circumstances were hostile and one that any reasonable person would find objectionable."

Apparently, the state supreme court is UNreasonable, then. Yeah. Hardly.

The court noted that the theatre had made a similar announcement a week prior during a showing of "Halloween." Amazingly, no complaints were filed against the theatre for that.

As in Canada and elsewhere where these travesties-masquerading-as-commissions exist, if you're a minority who supposedly has had your "feelings hurt," just give your local HRC a call. They'll be sure to "find" something to assuage your supposed whiny factor.

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