February 22, 2011

Defense Condition

OK, it can be expected when someone like "The Situation" says it on "The Jersey Shore." No one believes that any of those reality TV stars are harbingers of stellar IQs, after all. Mike ("The Situation") said that a "prank war" wasn't a "Def Con 5" affair in last week's episode. (Yes, I admit it -- "Jersey Shore" is my current guilty pleasure.) As a fairly decent student of history, I knew that The Sit had reversed the actual "Defense Condition," which "Def Con" means, after all. "Def Con 5" is actually the least serious Defense Condition -- the "lowest state of readiness." It's "Def Con 1" which should have us doing a duck and cover -- it means "war is imminent."

But today I read WPHT's Dom Giordano's article about a teacher who blogged about her students, and he writes "Instead, the parents of these brats, bullies and classroom cancers go into Def Com Five denial." Not only does the supposedly with-it Giordano reverse the Def Con severity numbers, he uses "Com" instead of "Con!"

The Situation ... smarter than Dom Giordano? Say it ain't so.

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