February 21, 2011

Two excellent teachers' take on the chaos unfolding in Wisconsin

Both fellow MU.NU bloggers -- one, the Confederate Yankee, and the other, fellow Watcher's Council brother Rhymes With Right.

I particularly liked this line from Yankee:

After engaging in the lowest form of politics and dragging a child into the pit with you, do you imagine his father will see you as an honest, dedicated teacher who is “protecting” his son? Would any parent feel that way? Do you imagine that Gov. Walker’s son will find you “inspiring,” should you eventually decide to return to the classroom which you have dishonorably abandoned? Have you obtained your fraudulent “doctor’s excuse?” Tell me Ms. Gustafson, what would you do with a student who skipped a week of school and showed up with a forged doctor’s note? If he said he did it for a worthy political purpose, would you excuse him?

Great question!

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