January 20, 2011

The New Age of Political Civility in action

Madison, Wisconsin WTDY morning host John "Sly" Sylvester mocked Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in a most personal way on January 17:

During the Jan. 17 segment in which Sylvester criticized Kleefisch's cold-calling attempts to try to woo businesses from Illinois to Wisconsin, Sylvester mockingly impersonated Kleefisch and attributed sexual acts as the reason for her election. Sylvester made a later, additional sexual remark about Kleefisch as the on-air discussion turned to high speed trains.

Sylvester's on-air segment also included references to Kleefisch's colon cancer, including discussion of whether Kleefisch uses a wig or has a poor hairstyle.

A statement from the American Cancer Society called the references "disrespectful" and said Sylvester made light of Kleefisch's fight with cancer "under the guise of political discourse."

You can listen to Sylvester's remarks here.

Station chief Rex Charger defended Sylvester saying "It was obvious sarcasm and was not intended to be taken literally." Oh, really? You mean like Sarah Palin's "crosshairs" ad wasn't supposed to be taken literally??

What a joke the Left, and increasingly society as a whole, has become.

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