January 16, 2011

Forgive the actual perpetrator; threaten phony ones

It just gets "better": Tucson shooting victim Eric Fuller tried to visit the home of shooter Jared Loughner this past Friday "to forgive them and possibly their son."

So let me get this straight -- Fuller forgives the actual perpetrator of last Saturday's heinous crime ... but he threatens with death those who he thinks (without a scintilla of evidence) are ultimately responsible?

I blame hate sites such as this for egging Fuller on.

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We are all guilty. Sometimes the statements we make in jest, have terribly different perspectives after a tragedy.,

Like trying to toughen up a young boy, the first time love doesn't go his way... "Well, if you cant' feel better, I guess you'll have to kill yourself, ha, ha.." It's intended as a funny joke..

But upon receiving news of his suicide, that innocent attempt to liven up a person's life, has a different implication altogether.

We can learn from this Tuscon event: threefold.

One, Shit happens.
Two, None of us can predict shit happening.
Three. All of us hold our nose and point to the other person when we smell shit happening.

I'll say it's in our genes, our makeup as humans. You don't have to be political to venture there. Kids in the back of a car, do it. Old people near the end of their life do it. Corporate people do it. Laborers do it.

What is probably more amazing, in the larger picture, is that there are actually people out there who refrained from rushing out and blaming someone else, and instead, chose to lead by moving forward to make changes in our world, making lives better for everyone.

It would serve mankind better for us to find those people, probably many, and elevate them as a model showing us how we should act in situations where shit happens.

That would have far more benefit, I think, than doing battle in the bottom of the outhouse with those we've chosen as our opponents.

(Disclaimer: just in case anyone thinks I'm talking about any certain group or person, I'm not. This is just a general overlook of the events surrounding a random shooting, to help find the direction this nation needs to go.)

Posted by: kavips at January 16, 2011 12:49 PM

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