January 14, 2011

It's two newspapers in one!

The Arizona Daily Star can't decide what message to convey to its readers after the tragedy of last Saturday. Here's an editorial from Wednesday:

Much has been made of the atmosphere in Arizona. Our sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, made some comments about the tenor of the political atmosphere that, frankly, many in our community agree with - we've been worried about the damage negative campaigns have done and we're tired of nastiness.

Many Tucsonans don't agree with Dupnik, and that's their right as Americans. We can see their point of view, even if we disagree.

Sorry, but Dupnik didn't just make "some comments about the tenor of the political atmosphere;" he specifically blamed right-wing media for that atmosphere. So, by disagreeing, the Star supports that point of view. (Not surprising for a big city, paper, eh?)

But just a day earlier, the Star had this to say about "blame":

The immediate reaction of some has been to point to the poisonous atmosphere that has engulfed Arizona and the nation.

Gun imagery, talk of "targeting" elected officials and taking out political opponents have become pervasive. The bitter 2010 election turned up the volume. Demonizing people who have different opinions makes for easy media punditry and cheap entertainment.

It needs to stop. Trafficking in violent imagery and treating any person, whether an elected official or someone who supports a particular cause, as objects makes them almost an abstract. It's too easy to hate an abstract.

Whether or not the gunman was motivated by a particular political ideology or pumped up by the trash that passes for discourse is, in the most fundamental way, immaterial.

So, y'see, it doesn't matter that Jared Loughner wasn't "motivated by a particular political ideology or pumped up by the trash that passes for discourse" ... yet, as Sheriff Dupnik has stated -- and with whom the paper agrees -- it does. Even when there isn't one iota of evidence to prove it.

RELATED: The Washington Post shamefully -- shamefully -- grants race hustler Al Sharpton a column in which to pontificate on "reasonable discourse." Hilariously titled "In MLK's honor, let's strive for dialogue that's passionate but not poisonous," Sharpton wants to you feel sorry for him about his being the victim of heated rhetoric -- while at the same time understand that his own rhetoric was "misunderstood" and taken out of context.

Oh, and check out the first accompanying editorial photo situated in Sharpton's article:

Yeah -- nothing like "reasonable discourse" with a guy supposedly representing the Tea Party shooting a gun.

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