January 10, 2011

Why do they do it? (THE NARRATIVE.)

That is the question. Do what, you ask? Who's "they?"

Why do "progressives" insist on trying to link just about any evil occurrence to conservatives and Republicans ... despite virtually no evidence? What purpose does this serve, other than to make them look ridiculously foolish ... and to only galvanize the determination of their political opponents even more?

It's already been stated so here and on many other [right-leaning] sites over the past few days, but the rapidity of the Left in attempting to tie Sarah Palin's "target" graphic of Representative Giffords to her shooting has been nothing less than hideously revolting -- especially since the evidence of such a connection is zilch. This is called "THE NARRATIVE TM," folks. Y'see, the Left doesn't win -- and can't -- in the realm of actual ideas. The American public by and large wants smaller and more efficient government. Groups like the Tea Party came about largely around this philosophy. So what does THE NARRATIVE TM then dictate? Tea Partiers are racists, because our current Chief Executive happens to be a black man. In Arizona and across the country, Americans are fed up with illegal immigration and the federal government's inept response to it. States, like Arizona, take matters into their own hands as a result. The public overwhelmingly supports Arizona's efforts. So what does THE NARRATIVE TM then dictate? The state's governor and its citizens are bigots and xenophobes.

Republican politicians, notably George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle and Ronald Reagan are/were considered "stupid" because they made occasional verbal blunders. Of course, myriad Democratic pols did precisely the same thing, notably Al Gore, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. But THE NARRATIVE TM dictates that the latter are just "Al being Al," "Joe being Joe," and "Barack being Barack." Or, they had hard days when their miscues were recorded. And so on. The former? Stupid.

American universities have had this whole concept down to a science for some time now. They enact "speech codes" and "hate speech" provisions so sweeping and broad -- and nebulous enough -- that just about anything they deem "hateful" or "offensive" will be treated as such. Unfortunately for conservatives, it is their speech that is usually on the receiving end of such specious judgments. Don't want to participate in "Gay Pride Day?" You're a homophobe. Oppose affirmative action (and run a "bake sale" to illustrate why it's wrong)? You're a racist. Support Israel's right to self-defense? You like "apartheid." This is the campus version of THE NARRATIVE TM. And campuses will do what is still as yet unthinkable in general American society: They will prosecute you for such speech that goes against THE NARRATIVE TM, using kangaroo courts, denial of counsel, refusal to face accusers, and forced "re-education" like "diversity" seminars and "sensitivity training" to "alleviate" what ails you. Funny, that, just like what was noted in the second paragraph above , the positions noted in this one (usually by conservatives) are also favored by a majority of the American public. (Thankfully, so far, one outstanding organization battles such inanity -- and usually emerges victorious.)

These type of "progressives" know their ideas are not popular, and they resent it. And they know their ideas aren't likely to become popular anytime soon. So what recourse do they have? Well, at American universities, such "progressives" do what is noted above -- because they have a young, captive audience who they think they can intimidate. It works often enough, but when one student fights back, and makes use of groups like FIRE, the sunlight shone on these "progressives" much more often than not causes them to skitter back into the woodwork.

In the real world, these "progressives" know they can't get away with what their campus brethren can. So they resort to their allies in the mainstream media and attack those whose views they find abhorrent -- and label them "racists," "bigots," and attempt to link any sort of politically oriented violence to them ... despite what the evidence actually proves. Again, this is THE NARRATIVE TM.

And you can tell how pathetically desperate these "progressives" are getting, especially now that the Democrats took a beating last November. If it wasn't pathetic enough when they attempted to create out of whole cloth a story that members of the Congressional Black Caucus were the victims of hollered racial epithets right in front of the Capitol, we're now witness to THE NARRATIVE TM being utilized once again to tie conservative speech and images to the shooting of a congresswoman and federal judge, among others ... Despite. Not. One. Scintilla. Of. Evidence.

The funny thing is, 'ya think these miscreants would learn, especially in this day and (Internet) age that it won't work. If anything, it'll end up backfiring. The phony story about the CBC and racial epithets didn't stop opposition to ObamaCare, and it didn't prevent the Democrats from getting crushed on Election Day. Perhaps this is why those invoking THE NARRATIVE TM are now so ridiculously transparent in their desperation, not to mention haste, in disseminating it. Unlike 20 years ago, now there is the Internet, Fox News, and myriad conservative radio outlets to counter the previous monopolistic and monolithic MSM. (And I don't know which is more comical -- the increasing desperation of those invoking THE NARRATIVE TM, or their "explanations" as to why Fox News and conservative radio hosts are so damn popular.)

So, in conclusion folks, it's OK to get miffed when these dimwitted "progressives" take advantage of an incident like that which happened on Saturday. But just keep in mind that ultimately it will come back to hurt them -- where it hurts most: in the wallet and at the ballot box. That is the cost to these "progressives" of ... THE NARRATIVE TM.

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The problem is, there's not an election now, and by the time the next one comes around, they will have adapted their tune and this incident will be all but forgotten. I say we don't let the people forget this outrage. Furthermore, I say its time to fight fire with fire. I know, I know, that will make us as bad as them (yawn), but the thing is, when you have the truth on your side, that gives you the right to act like an asshole. We have the truth, they have diddly.

As a matter of fact, I think somebody on the Left might have been manipulating Loughner to shoot Giffords. I'm almost sure of it. I wouldn't accuse any individual. but on the other hand, maybe a few people need to be examined for their potential role in this. A few people I can think of, off the top of my head, is the idiot sheriff of Tucson and Raulk Grijalva.

Come to think of it, I hear Nancy Pelosi is pretty damned pissed that Giffords voted against her for minority leader.

Posted by: ThePaganTemple at January 11, 2011 08:36 AM