January 05, 2011

Watcher's Council nominations

* The Razor – The Power of Random Events: Coping with Black Swans
* GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Forsaken
* Joshuapundit - Why Israel Is Losing The Information War
* Snapped Shot – Literal Symbolism
* Right Truth – The mysterious “silver knight on the white horse”
* The Colossus of Rhodey – It’s comics, after all
* Rhymes With Right – Just As It Has Always Been
* VA Right - Filibuster Change May Put Sarah Palin on Supreme Court
* The Glittering Eye - Declining Home Prices Dampen Year End Spirits
* Bookworm Room - What’s the matter with Mexico?
* Simply Jews – Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Ali Akbar Siadati: reusable villains

Honorable Mentions:

* The Grouch – New Football Rules for 2011
* The Political Commentator – South Korea: Between the DMZ and a hard place

And the non-Council results are here!

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