January 04, 2011

Murder in Delaware

This story has been making the rounds here. It is newsworthy because the guy moved in DC insider circles and appears to have been somebody noteworthy. Any time someone of that stature gets killed it's news. I link to the story for one reason; irresponsibility. The NJ story talks about the man, his past, where he lived and where he was last seen. So far, so good. That's what reporters do. Then they mentioned that he was involved in a dispute with a neighbor that ended up in court in 2009. WHY IS THAT RELEVANT? To include that is to hint that maybe the neighbors had something to do with him being killed. That is outrageous. Both the editor and the writer of this story should be calling the Martini family and begging for an apology as well as print a complete retraction/exoneration.

Remember this incident when you hear someone say that blogs are irresponsible and they don't have editors.

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