December 18, 2010

Well, that's usually what people mean anyway

[Chicago] Mayoral challenger James Meeks recently said that the term "minority" should only apply to blacks:

“The word ‘minority’ from our standpoint should mean African American. I don’t think women, Asians and Hispanics should be able to use that title, he said. “That’s why our numbers cannot improve — because we use women, Asians and Hispanics who are not people of color, who are not people who have been discriminated against.

Meeks later apologized. But I'm sure that would be news to women, Asians and Hispanics! And maybe Meeks ought to check out a bit of history and the Constitution -- specifically, Amendments XV and XIX.

Nevertheless, Meeks merely voiced what is pretty much standard practice, notably in education: "Minority" doesn't mean "anyone other than Caucasian," including women -- especially Asian. Why? Because Asians outperform Caucasians in virtually every measure. And women? They're not the minority, either in general population nor college enrollment population, though higher ed certainly appears to be a lot more "sympathetic" towards them than Asians.

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