December 08, 2010

Remember our old pal "dimwitty?"

Yeah, the "deep thinker" who was even tossed out of the LGOMB because he dared split from the dogma too often, shows -- again -- how statements that would get conservatives on the hot seat merely get ... agreement among fellow [faux] progressives.

Dimwitty recently said "I guess Obama is the Chauffeur driving us into the ditch now…"

Greg at Rhymes With Right asks,

Hmmmmm. . . isn’t that statement rather racist? Wouldn't Al Sharpton demand another meeting with the FCC in an attempt to ban conservative talk radio if Rush had said such a thing? Why, then, didn't the liberals at the site condemn the statement -- and why did they instead agree with it? Could it be that they are simply airing out their white sheets now that their black president is disappointing them?

Heh heh ...

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