November 30, 2010

Julian Assange as cowardly publisher

Victor Davis Hanson posits that Wikileaks honcho Julian Assange is as "brave" as newspapers who refuse(d) to publish cartoons that may be offensive to Muslims. Why?

... in cowardly fashion, he stays clear of getting involved with dissident leakers from those governments and groups e.g., China, Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah, Russia, Syria that (1) do far more damage to the global body politic than the United States, and (2) might well do bodily harm to Mr. Assange should he do to them what he does to Western interests.

Yeah, real brave. Like publishers or museum curators who "go out on a limb" to show offensive works like the National Portrait Gallery recently did. 'Cause Christians tend not to riot and/or kill people when somebody insults their beliefs. Similarly, Assange knows that the countries Hanson listed do not have to abide by the same rules of procedure that Western governments do. We'd have to file a lawsuit, go to trial, and hopefully get a conviction. The Russians may poison his soup with polonium, or Assange may find himself a victim of an unfortunate "accident." And considering this, I'm reminded of a George Will column I recall reading from decades ago, during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. While not endorsing the invasion by any means, Will compared and contrasted how the Russians and Americans dealt with murderous terrorists -- then, like now, fundamentalist Islamists. Some Afghan Islamists had kidnapped a Russian of some worth, threatening to kill him. The KGB in turn captured a relative of one of the kidnappers. They proceeded to cut off his balls and mail them to kidnappers. The Russian hostage was freed soon after.

A-holes like Assange ain't "brave." No at all. He's as big a p***y as newspapers who refused to run those Mohammed cartoons, or like the NY Times for reporting the recent Wikileak dump ... but not the e-mails that made climate change alarmists look bad.

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