November 24, 2010

Own petard, hoisted

I'd give Dennis Kucinich the benefit of the doubt, but does the Left ever do that for conservatives?

Reports of racial tension and personnel management issues within his office may have ended Dennis Kucinich’s run for the top Democratic spot on the powerful House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

As PJM reported, tensions exploded in Kucinich’s office between his staff director Jaron Bourke and 35-year staffer Jean Gosa, who is African-American. According to sources familiar with the situation, when word of the dispute got to [Congressman Edolphus] Towns he stepped in to attempt to mediate the situation.

According to a September 10 story in the Huffington Post, Gosa had complained repeatedly about the atmosphere within the office — using words like “plantation, slave, and overseer.” Her complaints were backed up by former staffer and current Huffington Post blogger Noura Erakat. (Link.)

"Progressives" (like the LGOMB) love it when a "family values" conservative get involved in some sex and/or marriage scandal ... y'know, the 'ol "hypocrisy" charge, "not living up to their rhetoric," etc. There's no benefit of any doubt at all given. So, as the Left is supposedly the ultimate bastion of racial tolerance and understanding in the US (and world), it should be quickly pointed out when one of their own is not "living up to their standards," right?

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Come on now, to be fair, one thing nobody can accuse Dennis Kucinich of is being a racist or a bigot.

He proved that beyond any shadow of a doubt the day he married a woman from planet Earth.

Posted by: ThePaganTemple at November 24, 2010 04:26 PM

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