November 09, 2010

Because of Olbermann's (short) suspension ...

... the only admitted socialist in either house of Congress wants to block the merger of Comcast-NBC:

[Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)] said Comcast's attempt to acquire NBC from General Electric would result in "another media giant run by a Republican supporter of George W. Bush." [...]

The senator pointed to Comcast's COO Stephen B. Burke's history as a major fundraiser for former President George W. Bush as a reason why the deal, which has drawn criticism from other lawmakers for different reasons, should be blocked.

ďAs Vermontís senator, I intend to do all that I can do to stop this merger. There already is far too much media concentration in this country," Sanders said. "We do not need another media giant run by a Republican supporter of George W. Bush. That is the lesson we should learn from the Keith Olbermann suspension.Ē

*Sigh.* One can only wonder about the very sanity of this dolt Sanders if he's so preoccupied with -- GASP! -- a media outlet with a right-of-center view -- especially since all the other major networks (and newspapers) are dominated by liberals/Democrats. This doesn't matter to far-lefties like Sanders ... and Olbermann, for that matter. Socialists only want their point-of-view to be disseminated, and certainly would not defend a dissenter's right to support a politician of his/her choice.

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