November 01, 2010

Well, knowing Channel 28 ...

... they probably did forget to air the damn things. Not that that's any excuse:

Christine O'Donnell hoped to win over a big chunk of Delaware voters at the last minute by airing a 30-minute campaign ad, just like Barack Obama did in 2008. But O'Donnell's campaign didn't bother to buy network airtime until it was too late to schedule it, so the Tea Party-backed candidate had to resort to public access television. On Sunday, at 11:29 p.m., O'Donnell excitedly tweeted, "1 minute until the premiere of our 30 minute feature. Tune in to meet all the heart warming people I've met on the campaign trail. Ch. 28," but sadly, the ad was not to be. The TV station "forgot it air it," The Washington Post's Philip Rucker reports.

O'Donnell did not give up, alerting her Twitter followers that her ad would air at 10 a.m. Monday. Minutes later, the candidate tweeted, "This isn't our show either! We are told channel 28 'forgot' to air it...both times... even though we paid for the time slot last week."

If anyone from the local (New Castle County) viewing area has Comcast Cable, you've gotta be a bit familiar with the amateur operation that is Channel 28. From Tim Qualls' incessant promotions and golf outings, to Hazel Plant's and Norman Oliver's Sunday night show, it makes "Wayne's World's" fictional amateur cable production look like a $200 million James Cameron-created spectacle.

Just make sure you get your money back, Christine!

UPDATE: Who knew? Tim Qualls actually runs Channel 28 and he says he never got O'Donnell's ad in time!

Qualls told CNN that the campaign was given a Friday afternoon deadline to submit the ad and failed to deliver it on time. He says he needs 48 hours from delivery to be able to put an ad on his channel.

"We didn't receive the show until Saturday night," Qualls said in a phone interview. "They showed up at my employee’s house…at 11 p.m."

Qualls, who said he's been inundated with phone calls, said he supported O'Donnell but "she's losing my vote rapidly."

"I hate the fact that she's put it out there that it's politics," he said.

Qualls also said he hasn't seen any payment from the campaign. Surprise that!

Well, well, well. What a surprise all. First, piss on state conservative media (WGMD's Dan Gaffney and WDEL's Rick Jensen) and then cheese media supporters by ... lying? Christine O'Donnell?? NAWWW ...

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As someone who's done Channel 28 many times over the years, I know Tim Qualls. He's the biggest, self-aggrandizing ass in the world. He also happens to be a big-time Tea Party conservative who (had) bought COD hook, line, and sinker years ago. As much of a douche as he is, I'm buying him on this one. COD's campaign has proven itself to be not ready for primetime since the beginning. It seems they're not even ready for public access, too.

Posted by: Mike Matthews at November 2, 2010 12:27 AM

I'm with you, Mike. Qualls vs. O'Donnell? No contest. Cripes, virtually anyone vs. O'Donnell and I go with "anyone" when it comes to telling the truth.

Posted by: Hube at November 2, 2010 12:31 AM

And Mike -- thought of you this past weekend, bro: Had dinner at the Wash. St. Ale House! Had a salmon-crab dish that was simply deadly (good)!

Posted by: Hube at November 2, 2010 12:32 AM

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