October 24, 2010


Last night's Phillies' loss to San Francisco was almost -- almost -- as agonizing a feeling as when the New England Patriots' Adam Vinatieri aced the game-winning field goal at the end of Super Bowl 36 to upset the powerhouse St. Louis Rams 20-17 back in 2002.

Why, exactly?

Because this Phillies team was loaded. Incredible offensive firepower, and their pitching was lights-out when compared to their championship season of 2008 (c'mon -- Jamie Moyer and Brett Myers compared to Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt??). The 2001 Rams were similarly more gifted than their 1999 Super Bowl-winning squad. Their offense, believe it or not, was even better than two years previous, but their defense, especially, was substantially improved. Their 2001 ranks, if memory serves, were #1 (offense) and #3 (defense). 1999's team was 13-3; 2001's was 14-2 and those two losses were incredibly close despite the Rams playing incredibly sloppily. The Rams entered Super Bowl XXXVI fourteen point favorites. Their loss that Sunday was, at the time, the second biggest upset in Super Bowl history (the biggest being Super Bowl III when Joe Namath's Jets upset the Baltimore Colts, and the second now being the NY Giants' upset of New England in 2008).

This year's Phillies should have crushed the Giants in the Championship Series. How many opportunities did they have to score with runners in scoring position -- especially last night? I lost track. It was pathetic. The Phils are clearly the most talented team in the majors this year. But if you're not gonna prove it, you obviously don't deserve the accolades. Mike Martz and the 2001 Rams clearly did not a decade ago; the 2010 Phils didn't either. I don't know if part of it is conceit, part a feeling of "we deserve it," part laziness, and/or part lack of desire.

All I know is it sucks.

Adam Vinatieri gives the Pats their first championship
over the heavily favored Rams in SB XXXVI.

The Giants celebrate winning the National League
pennant after beating the heavily favored Phils.

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Hey, anytime you are playing a game of inches...stuff happens....and when you don't take your bat off your shoulder, nothing happens....MVP's shine in moments like that...Ryan Howard, even though he had a nice average during the playoffs, takes a third strike! And has how many homeruns and rbis'....zero! But something like 17 K's!!!!!!!! Mvp's come through for their team....Phillies blew it Big @ss time! Which, of course, I absolutely love!

Posted by: cardinals fan at October 24, 2010 05:03 PM