October 19, 2010

Surprise! Campaigning against illegal immigration = racism

Ah yes, much like idiots Rah Rah Rabinowitz (aka Whoopi Goldberg) and Joy Behar of "The View" who sanctimoniously walked off their own set in "protest" against Bill O'Reilly's use of the term "Muslim" when referring to those who attacked us on 9/11, we now have Adam Serwer of the Washington Post who cries -- wait for it! -- "racism" for Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle's use of "scary-looking" Latino "migrants" in a campaign ad (my emphasis):

A couple of weeks ago, Angle released an ad with sinister overtones showing Latino "illegal immigrants" sneaking through a "border fence." It even uses a stock photo Republican Senator David Vitter deployed in a similar advertisement. The ad restates a number of debunked claims about Reid's record on immigration, but the most egregious part of the ad is where she contrasts an image of "scary-looking" Latino "migrants" with a group of happy, white college students while saying, "Reid wants to give "preferred college tuition rates to none other than illegal aliens."

To which Ace responds better than I could:

This is a typical leftist tactic, when faced with a reality they donít want to acknowledge or be forced to defend the simply go on the offensive and charge Ďracismí. What racism exactly is never mentioned because it doesnít exist and even if it did, the charge and change of subject is all they are ever really after in the first place.

Reality doesnít meet Serwer's needs so he simply demands that it be changed. Are there Europeans and Asians and Africans who stay here illegally? Sure. Do some cross over a border? Probably, though most in those groups are people who come here legally and overstay their visas. But thatís inconvenient, so Serwer simply wants the world portrayed in a way that isnít true but fits his narrative better. Failure to accommodate him is simply ďRACISM!Ē

Until Serwer and others can demonstrate that large numbers of people are walking across the northern border, that there are active smuggling and drug cartels running vast sections of Canada, that a city like Plattsburg, NY is one of the kidnapping hot spots in the US, or that there are demands that northern states start spelling Ďcolorí with a Ďuí, Iím going to go ahead and keep thinking that itís okay to note that the vast majority of illegal immigrants in this country are coming across the southern border and that they tend not be the stuff of Benaton ads.

Or you could just go with the shorter Hube version of advice for Serwer: You're clueless.

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Yeah, go figure a border state like AZ might actually care more about the largely latino drug cartels operating with impunity than some sort of multi-culti rainbow mafia.

Posted by: Jeff the Baptist at October 19, 2010 01:32 PM