October 17, 2010

Beware the coming headlines

Jim Geraghty and some his readers note a few (unintentionally) snarky MSM headlines we're likely to see after November 2:


“Mixed message, as Country remains undecided and deeply divided”

“Victory for White House as Senate remains in Democratic hands”

"GOP Seizes Power in United States. Women, Poor, and Minorities Hit Hardest."


"Can John Boehner Overcome Partisanship and Work with the President on the Country’s Problems?"

“O’Donnell Loss Fractures Tea Party”

“Americans Reaffirm Hope And Change; Democrats Retain The Pelosi House Seat and Win HI Senate Race”

“Republican Wave does not Materialize: Some Democrats Win”

“Democrats limit Republican gains; Pelosi considers possible withdrawal from Speaker’s Chair”


Keep these in mind so we can compare the actual headlines after Election Day. Think they'll actually be all that different from the above?


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weekend with brother..he was flumoxed that you aren't for O'Donnell!!!!! Flumoxed I tell you...

Posted by: cardinals fan at October 17, 2010 06:24 PM