October 15, 2010

Snarking today's big event

Snarky responses to tweets from the News-Journal's twitter feed covering the Senate race on today's Coons/Obama/Biden event:

Markell: "While the other side may be engaged in a civil war... we take a different approach, we bring people together."

He's actually right one this one: people are being brought together in rejecting the Democrats' policies.

Sen. Kaufman: "I'm going to leave and I'm going to be replaced by her?"

Yes, Senator, it's all about you.

Sen. Tom Carper is on the stage now. Talking about Democrats are trying to fix the problems created by the Republicans under Bush.

Blaming Bush since they can't defend their own record. It's the electoral equivalent of pointing out a squirrel to a dog.

Markell: "We're excited about having the president in the state where he's going to help drive out Democratic voters."

He definitely is driving them out. He's driving to the arms of the Republicans.

Coons: "I don't believe that the federal government has a role in our bedrooms or our private lives."

But they do belong in our health care decisions?

Biden: "He would not be president of the United State today but for Delaware." Points out Dan Pfiffer's mom and dad in theater.

Hey, don't blame us! Not all of us voted for him!

Biden says Coons could have beaten Castle.

In what? Yahtzee?

Obama: "The single best decision I have made was selecting Joe Biden as my running mate."

Serious for a moment: Men, the best decision you ever made was always to marry your wife. Always.

Obama: "It's not about the work we've done, but the work we have left to do."

Because the American people still have some money left.

Obama talks about foreign money coming into campaign advertisements.

No shame.

Obama: "Don't let them convince you that we have not made progress."

Not all progress is forward.

Obama: "Don't let them convince you that we have not made progress."

Not all progress is forward.

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