October 15, 2010

Cry me a river

You've probably seen coverage of "The View's" Joy Behar and Rah-Rah Rabinowitz (aka Whoopi Goldberg) walking off the set of the show in protest of Bill O'Reilly's pointing out that it was Muslims who attacked us on 9/11. If not, here it is:

Is there a bigger self-righteous sanctimonious bit** than Joy Behar? She chats with 9/11 Truther idiot Jesse Ventura about O'Reilly's "hate speech," but let's take a gander at some of her own:

  • She called Michelle Bachmann "anti-kid":
    Donít you think it shows their true colors Ė these mama grizzlies so-called? I mean she is against a federal program to help poor kids get health insurance, Michele Bachmann. She is no mama grizzly. She is against children. Who is she fooling?

    Yeah, this "anti-child" representative has five children of her own and 23 foster children. How many kids does Behar have? (And if she has kids, who was drunk enough to actually make it with her??)

  • For someone apparently so upset about Bill O'Reilly supposedly painting ALL Muslims with the "terrorist" brush, why does Behar likewise paint ALL Tea Partiers as "racists?"

  • Or, how about painting the entire GOP as "racist" by suggesting that Nancy Pelosi's daughter's film about the homeless include "just white people"

    because maybe you felt that that would make more of an impact on Republican congressmen and people who tend to, you know, veto any kind of help for people on the, you know, because the, oh, you know what I`m saying.

  • "Pro-children" Behar said that "comedian" Kathy Griffin's disgusting labeling of MA Senator Scott Brown's daughters as "prostitutes" was "just a joke."

  • Behar suggested Catholic saints were "mentally ill."

  • Behar "compared the prayers of former President George W. Bush to a terrorist's Muslim prayers to Allah."

  • Behar stated that prayer "takes the place of thinking."

  • Behar compared supporters of the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law to Nazis.

The examples of virtually endless. So, if I was O'Reilly, I would've told Behar, "Stay off-stage you sanctimonious hypocrite. And how is it that you have your own show again? What exactly is your claim to fame??"

Seriously. Is this woman supposed to be a comedian? Since when?

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Joy Behar's photo can be found in the Websters New Collegiate Dictonary, page 112, under the word " bitch "

Posted by: Fred Gregory at October 15, 2010 07:11 PM

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