October 10, 2010

Another reason race relations have deteriorated

Stupidity like this:

If schools discipline more blacks or Hispanics than white students, federal officials warn they’ll use “disparate impact analysis” to charge civil rights violations, reports Education Week.

Under “disparate impact,” schools can be in violation if discipline policies affect one racial group more than others, even if there’s no evidence of unequal treatment for the same offense or an intent to discriminate. An education agency would be found out of compliance if an equally sound policy would have less of a disparate impact, Russlyn Ali, an Education Department official, told Ed Week.

As mentioned, just another reason race relations have soured. "Stupid" is an understatement. What about the "disparate impact" of disciplining more boys than girls? Or what about that "unproportionate representation" of races on various sports teams?

No wonder The Messiah wants his daughters in a private school. Secretly, you know he wants to avoid edu-nonsense like this at all costs.

UPDATE: Sigh. Former director of [Delaware's] Moyer Academy Charter School Theo Gregory doesn't get it either.

RELATED: The dolts at the Philly Inquirer are distressed that in their city, which is 44% black, there's not enough black faces in the Philly Orchestra.

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Believe it or not department...I actually had an administrator tell me we have to get the numbers more in balance by stating and I quote " we don't have enough little white girls getting in trouble" end insane quote!

Posted by: cardinals fan at October 10, 2010 08:53 AM

darn it...when I go to a show, I can't enjoy it unless it is performed by a cast/orchestra that is racially balanced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbefreakinleavable!

Posted by: cardinals fan at October 10, 2010 06:13 PM

I await,with baited breath, the announcement from the NFL that the Eagles will be 56% white from here on in.

Posted by: kidney at October 11, 2010 09:18 AM

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