October 08, 2010

Best comment on a ridiculous movie review

First, read this unintentionally preposterous Salon.com review of "Secretariat." Then you'll understand this comment from the article comment section:

I gotta say, I haven't seen the movie since I'm not a critic with Important Things To Say. I'll go, because I liked the Secretariat story back then. And I'm not big on Bible verses and hymns.

That said -- what the f*** are you going on about? This is the liberal version of Tinky-Wink is gay. I'm as anti-teabagger as anyone; I hope the GOP dies with festering boils, and soon; my previous letters prove that clearly enough. But jeez, man -- it's a story from 1973 about some white Kentucky horse breeder who got lucky, made by Disney -- were you expecting Godard's 'Weekend'?

More of this and movie reviewers will catch 'rock critics' as the most full-of-imagined-shit writers out there.


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