October 08, 2010

Latest O'Donnell ad

Here's Christine's newest:

I think Jim Geraghty's analysis is spot-on:

O’Donnell begins, “I didn’t go to Yale.” Er, no, but she’s been accused of serially misrepresenting her education record. She continues, “I didn’t inherit millions, like my opponent.” Besides the slight dollop of envy it suggests, it’s a poor defense to the accusations of stiffing former employees. Again, if the aim is to make the race about what’s happening in Washington or what Chris Coons would do in office, turn to those issues a bit quicker — Election Day is in less than four weeks!

And enough already with the "I'm you" stuff. You're not me, Christine. I'm not a habitual liar and embellisher, and I've held a job since I was sixteen. I've also never sued anyone in an attempt to get a quick meal ticket.

Chris Coons certainly ain't me, either. But at least he ain't out there claiming he is. Twice.

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