September 25, 2010

Ye gad

John Rosenberg (whom I consider my blog "godfather" for inspiring me to get into blogging) has yet another unintentionally funny essay up about "diversity-mania" in higher education. This time, diversophiles are concerned that "not enough" minorities are signing up for study abroad programs.

Well, rat's bit. Looks like my program back in the mid-80s (in Costa Rica) was in "violation." Of the thirteen of us, there was only one minority (a black male). That's about seven and a half percent. Oh, wait -- since black males make up roughly six percent of the general population, does this mean this group was over-represented in our study abroad program? Or, do we include the total African-American population (approx. 12%) and conclude that this group was under-represented? (Of course, if you know anything about the philosophy of diversophiles, over-representation of minorities isn't of any concern.)

Thus, the continuing inanity of "diversity" and "proportionate representation" rocks on ...

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds knows: "Itís only a diversity problem if the gap goes the other way. Duh." He said this in reference to the huge gender gap in higher education.

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