September 20, 2010

Patterico on Chris Coons

Commenter "kidney" tipped me to my former "Oh, THAT Liberal Media" blog colleague Patterico's post on Chris Coons' apparent dust-up with far-lefty Alan Muller of Green Delaware:

Tonight I spoke with Alan Muller, who runs a site at Green Delaware — and thinks Chris Coons should be defeated. Mr. Muller wrote a blog post about how he had been harassed by Chris Coons for his local political efforts — in actions that Muller terms evil in a small place:
This is about evil. It could be a lot worse. . . . But it’s evil enough in [its] own little way and the person currently causing our problems, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons, wants to be a United States Senator and apparently has the support of many people who don’t know what he really is.

A key point I want to make is that Coons, a rich boy with a law degree and a Master’s in Ethics from Yale Divinity School, is actually a much nastier, more manipulative, more dangerous, more special-interest-serving person than his thuggish predecessor Tom Gordon.

Patterico continues with Muller saying to him: “I am one of those people who thinks the world is safer with the Democrats in control of the Senate, but I could never support Coons, because he is personally malicious.” He said that Coons is “very bright and he knows how to jerk off the public while representing special interests.”

I highly recommend reading the rest of Patterico's post; however, I'd be a bit wary of taking Muller's word for anything so readily. Fellow Muller far-lefty Dana Garrett begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting of the Delaware Watch blog has documented instances of Muller's own thuggishness. For instance, Muller

was specifically excluded from the Citizens' Solid Waste Task Force sponsored by Common Cause of Delaware and the Environmentalists for Truth. The reason cited by members of the group is Muller’s tendency not to work well with others. Some have alleged to me that Muller has difficulty tolerating views and approaches other than his own, that he is given to angry outbursts and has a tendency to quit when he doesn’t get his way, as well as a penchant for verbally abusing others. (Link.)

Muller's behavior was an issue with his dismissal from the "Progressive Voices" radio program.

In addition, Green Delaware had trashed Common Cause/Environmentalists for Truth Task Force in e-mails related to issues surrounding the Delaware Solid Waste Authority -- so much so that Dana Garrett felt it necessary to make it known that, although he supports the overall goals of Green Delaware, its actions here were detestable.

Again, I don't yet know enough of the precise facts on Coons' supposed harassment of Muller to make an informed judgment one way or another, Patterico's post included. However, it is clear that Muller himself doesn't have a very sterling personal reputation, and though Chris Coons may "suffer" not having far-lefty Alan Muller in his corner, Muller himself certainly has earned the ire of his fellow far-leftists as well.

UPDATE: Patterico responds to this post.

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I sure would like to hear Chris Coons side of the story before I would believe Allan Muller's representation of him. My experience w/ Muller has taught me that.

Posted by: Dana Garrett at September 20, 2010 06:28 PM