September 15, 2010

New Jersey Public Transit Employee Fired for ... Blasphemy??

Here's the deal: Between SCOTUS Justice Breyer's "wondering" about an "incitement" provision in the First Amendment for Koran desecration and now this nonsense, here's all Americans need to do to get what they want -- act like [radical] Muslims.

In other words, if someone burns, say, the American flag? Riot, threaten, cause general mayhem, maim and kill. If that becomes as commonplace as what the idiot Islamists routinely do, maybe Breyer and co. would see the folly of their theories.

Naaaaah. Who am I kiddin'?

We'd merely be lectured on the utmost importance of the First Amendment, as well as our subsequent "need" to be "sensitive" to religious minorities. Thus, Koran burning might not be protected expression.

Sounds intriguingly like a popular far-left legal theory ...

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Justice Breyer recently likened the burning of a Quran to shouting fire in a theater, indicating that he thinks such expressive conduct is not protected by the First Amendment. Given the violence that appears to be at epidemic proportions in the Muslim community, do you think that we can get a court to declare the practice or advocacy of Islam to be a similar imminent danger to the lives and safety of Americans and therefore similarly unprotected by the First Amendment?

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at September 15, 2010 11:35 PM