September 09, 2010

Fun With Liberals

The LGOMB never fails to disappoint, and the idiot "pandora" is back at it again, trying to associate isolated nutjobs any way she can to conservatives and the GOP -- even when it directly contradicts their own (silly) logic.

“Pastor” Jones is only a symptom of the real problem:

Speaking just now on MSNBC James Zogby made a very good point — and pressed Andrea Mitchell on it. His point was that sure, this Pastor Jones fool is one guy, who’s managed to get worldwide attention for his stunt. But you cannot separate him, as I noted below, from the whole climate of hate speech and anti-Muslim agitation from the Newt Gingriches and the Sarah Palins and the rest of them.

At that point, Mitchell jumped in and said, wait, Palin said she disagrees with the Koran burning. To which Zogby replied, something to the effect of ‘C’mon’. And that’s just the right reply.

Thaaaaaat's right -- only liberals are able to make use of their First Amendment rights (because, after all, they are rights) without being accused of fostering a "climate of hate" and hence leading to some lone nut doing something stupid. Contrariwise, no one should attempt to equate progressive speech with a guy who straps explosives to himself in an attempt to blow up a cable network now, right?

This nut pastor, Jones, plans to merely burn a book. Burning the American flag is protected speech; so what's the big deal over burning a book? pandora and the rest of the LGOMB would be screaming at the top of their lungs if the Right attempted to thwart someone buring our flag. But burning our Old Glory doesn't offend "progressive" sensibilities, though. Constitutional rights and protections are only worth preserving for those "worthy" of having them.

UPDATE: Good "progressives" stick together. CNN's Rick Sanchez asks former NY governor Rick Pataki "Do you feel in any way that some of this backlash...led by some fine gentlemen like yourself...has kind of paved the way for that controversy, and if so, do you feel guilty at all?"

Arianna Huffington, so similar to the LGOMB's Jason "Trust Fund" Scott in both politics and background, says that Ground Zero mosque supporters are like the Koran-burning pastor.

On the "Today" show today, a Council on American-Islamic Relations representative equated the GZ mosque protest to internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II and even slavery.

CBS's Harry Smith followed suit with the narrative as well.

I'll say it again: And people wonder why so many Americans are royally fed up?

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I'm sure they'd be all up in arms about Bible burnings. Right? Right? Anyone?

Posted by: Duffy at September 9, 2010 05:20 PM

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