September 06, 2010

National Review on Christine O'Donnell

NRO's Jim Geraghty doesn't think much of Ms. O:

1) Sheís running around telling voters she won two of three counties in her last Senate race. Itís not true. One county wasnít even close. Itís not merely that itís not true; itís that itís easily and quickly disproven. This isnít merely a lie; itís a stupid lie.

2) Sure, the radio interview is hostile. But it doesnít take long for her to mention to the host that she often defends him from the allegation that heís on the take from Mike Castle. Her campaign suggests that Scott Rasmussenís polls arenít to be trusted because the RNC and NRSC got to him. This is a half-step away from full-blown conspiracy theories. When she doesnít like what somebodyís telling her, she attacks the messenger.

3) I am remarkably curious as to how she lived on an income of $5,800 in 2009. If she had additional income, she lied on her financial-disclosure forms and has violated the law. I need a response better than, ďWell, Biden did it, too.Ē

This isnít even getting into her former employees beginning a project whose first act is to accuse Mike Castle of being gay; this is what caused Erick Erickson of RedState to head for the exits. Is Erick a bad conservative, too? Do true conservatives shrug their shoulders and avert their eyes when a candidateís associates pull stunts like this?

This primary, to me, is a perfect example of how "change for the sake of change" is in no way a good thing. O'Donnell is in many ways the female Mike "Backtrack" Protack -- perpetually running for elected office and possessing a nasty habit of badmouthing any criticism whatsoever ... to the point of inane conspiracy theories. (Any recall Protack's hilarious "theft of wireless Internet signal" claims from a few years ago?)

I don't think I've seen/read about a GOP candidate anywhere else in the country getting as much negative reaction from conservatives/Republicans than O'Donnell has. And that says something.

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