September 04, 2010

Scare tactics

One question: You think the News Journal would ever write something like "Against a backdrop of aggressive Muslim terrorism ..."? Yeah, right.

From today's front page (online version):

"Aggressive anti-Islamic sentiment?" How is it "aggressive?" People -- GASP! -- voicing their displeasure at a mosque being built near Ground Zero? I'll certainly buy that burning Korans is more "aggressive" (as a Florida church plans to do in Sept. 11); however, it's certainly no more aggressive than burning an American flag ... and that's legally protected First Amendment expression. And if article writer Gary Soulsman actually bothered to do any research, he would find that anti-Muslim hate crimes have decreased (significantly) since 2001.

That's "aggressive?"

To the contrary -- it's just your typical, elitist, politically correct big media outlet continuing to contribute to its own demise. And all the while wondering why in the process.

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That reminds me of the poster at my site who recently wrote that I was a menace to my students because in my off hours i am "aggressively" partisan. I asked him to check out a couple of local liberal sites written by teachers which are every bit as combative -- if not more -- than mine. THOSE teachers were declared to be moderate, mainstream, and good role models for their students.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at September 4, 2010 07:46 PM