September 01, 2010

I blame the hate rhetoric ...

... generated by hate sites like this for this guy's actions:

A gunman with a possible explosive device strapped to himself entered the Discovery Communications building in Silver Spring, Md., Wednesday afternoon and was holding a “small number” of hostages, police said.

James Jae Lee appears to have posted environmental and population-control demands online, saying humans are ruining the planet and that Discovery should develop programs to sound the alarm.

“I want Discovery Communications to broadcast on their channels to the world their new program lineup and I want proof they are doing so. I want the new shows started by asking the public for inventive solution ideas to save the planet and the remaining wildlife on it,” the alleged manifesto reads, adding: "Nothing is more important than saving ... the Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Froggies, Turtles, Apes, Raccoons, Beetles, Ants, Sharks, Bears, and, of course, the Squirrels. The humans? The planet does not need humans.”

In addition, I blame the heated rhetoric from outlets like MSNBC, the big three networks, and the Obama administration.

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James Lee's formative environment was the WatchTower Cult. To read more about the lives of James Jae Lee and other Jehovah's Witness Kidnappers, such as the Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnappers, here are summaries of 100s of criminal and civil court cases:

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