August 29, 2010

I guess being a multi-millionaire filmmaker means ...

... you can be just about the biggest freakin' hypocrite on Earth.

First James Cameron wimps out of a global warming debate that he himself asked for; now, he contradicts his hypocritical self on the dangers of plastic to the environment:

[Cameron says,] "DVDs are wasteful. … It’s a consumer product like any consumer product. I think ultimately we’re going to bypass a physical medium and go directly to a download model and then it’s just bits moving in the system. And then the only impact to the environment is the power it takes to run the computers, run the devices."

But he’s the guy behind the three separate Avatar DVD releases in the first freakin’ place. There was one released on Earth Day, there’s another coming out for Christmas (in his words, “the all-singing, all-dancing, all-bells-and-whistles DVD”), and the 3D version set for release next year to give people enough time to get rid of their rinky-dink hamster-powered televisions and upgrade to an energy-sucking 3D-enabled plasma screen and the accompanying 3D Blu-Ray DVD player.

Plus those 3D glasses produced en masse for theater-goers? Yup, plastic.

And don’t forget the Avatar-themed toys and lunchboxes and Halloween costumes and sheet sets available at Wal-Mart.

But hey, c'mon -- it's his message that's important, right? Who cares if he's a ridiculous, blatant hypocrite (kinda like Al "I Just Bought A Behemoth Mansion With A Massive Carbon Footprint" Gore, right?).

Nothing, but NOTHING, gets in the way of the profit motive if you're promoting the "right" message!

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