August 25, 2010


Jonah Goldberg attempts to ease the hysteria (or, at least inject some common sense) whipped up by the likes of Time magazine regarding the Ground Zero mosque controversy.

According to the FBI, hate crimes against Muslims increased by a staggering 1,600 percent in 2001. That sounds serious! But wait, the increase is a math mirage. There were 28 anti-Islamic incidents in 2000. That number climbed to 481 the year a bunch of Muslim terrorists murdered 3,000 Americans in the name of Islam on Sept. 11.

Regardless, 2001 was the zenith or, looked at through the prism of our national shame, the nadir of the much-discussed anti-Muslim backlash in the United States — and civil libertarians and Muslim activists insisted it was 1930s Germany all over again. The following year, the number of anti-Islamic hate-crime incidents (overwhelmingly, nonviolent vandalism and nasty words) dropped to 155. In 2003, there were 149 such incidents. And the number has hovered around the mid-100s or lower ever since.

Sure, even one hate crime is too many. But does that sound like an anti-Muslim backlash to you?

No, it doesn't. In fact, it sounds quite remarkable. Radical Islamists turn New York City into chaos killing almost 3,000 people -- and hate crimes against Muslims go down every year -- despite the continuing threat from them?

Goldberg notes that, consistently, anti-Jewish hate crimes outnumber anti-Muslim hate crimes by a ratio of six to one. But no one talks about an "anti-Jewish backlash" in America, nor does Time ask on its cover "Is America Anti-Semitic?"

Obama and Co. automatically proclaim that such orchestrated terrorist attacks are “isolated” events. But when it comes to mainstream Americans, veterans, Obamacare opponents or (shudder) tea partiers, there’s no generalization too broad or too insulting for the Left.

Amen. This is a point I've made a lot recently here and at other blogs. People like our old "pal" Perry and those at the LGOMB have absolutely NO qualms about calling those noted above the ridiculously over-utilized "racist" (among a lot of other epithets). They have absolutely no qualms about using bogus and totally unsubstantiated claims to bolster their "arguments." Just check out what frequent LGOMB commenter "a. price" said over at DE Politics yesterday:

Let’s review what the Teabags DONT consider racist….

Holding all of Islam responsible for 9/11 (btw, way to whine about your Constitutional rights for almost 2 years than INSTANTLY telling a whole group of people they should give up theirs cause it makes you sad.. hypocrites)

Who precisely is holding ALL of Islam responsible for 9/11? Are 70% of Americans "Teabags?" Does this mean that Jews held all Catholics responsible for the crimes at Auschwitz when they expressed displeasure at the nuns who occupied a building there in 1993? Does this mean that Al Sharpton and co. believe that only blacks can take inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr.? *Sigh* Just another progressive strawman.

Having police officers look at a person and decide if they should ask for proof of citizenship

Except, that, NOWHERE in that Arizona immigration law -- currently on hold -- was there such a provision. In FACT, it specifically spelled out that immigration status could ONLY be inquired about in the process of some other law enforcement matter. Another strawman.

Politicians who ignore signs like “Barack the Magic Negro”

Except that that very phrase was created by a LIBERAL writer!

A TV host who thinks that people in Harlem order food like this “HEY M F-ER! BRING ME SOME ICED TEA”

I am assuming this is in reference to Bill O'Reilly's trip to a Harlem restaurant with the Rev. Al Sharpton, and is a textbook example of lifting remarks completely out of context. If anyone with half a brain actually SAW O'Reilly's report/discussion on the matter, it is crystal clear that he was discussing how black America is not just the snippets of rap videos seen on, say, MTV, and that unfortunately many Americans may believe just that. Even NBC's Matt Lauer recognized this.

A radio host who thinks black people should “get over” the N word…. than proceeds to yell it at a black woman 11 times before telling her she shouldnt have married outside of her race.

This refers to the recent situation with now-retired radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Of ALL of "a. price's" gripes only this one has even a hint of merit. What Dr. Laura did was wrong and incredibly insensitive; however, it doesn't make her a racist. Her point in doing what she did was to state that people are too sensitive today, and that blacks themselves use the "N" word fairly gratuitously. I, and others, do not agree, but -- again -- this does not make Schlessinger a "racist."

OK, I just did what I said I wouldn't do, but at least I did it here, on my own terms (and scythes through "a. price's" illiterate taunt).

Goldberg continues, "Here’s a thought: The 70 percent of Americans who oppose what amounts to an Islamic Niketown two blocks from Ground Zero are the real victims of a climate of hate ..." Indeed, from Time magazine to the usual MSM pundits lecturing the masses, these masses are getting fed up. From the 2008 campaign where any criticism of Barack Oama was dubbed "racist," to last year's townhall meetings where constituents were called "Nazis" (and, again, "racists"), to Tea Partiers being labeled (libeled) "racists" and "extremists," to the recent mosque controversy ... the masses will exercise the ultimate power they wield over the Ruling Class nonsense: the vote.

Semi-related: Rhymes With Right points to yet another double standard on "tolerance" and "sensitivity": You can burn a flag or burn a cross … and it is called free speech – but if you plan to burn some Qurans, you need a permit which can be denied by a government official.

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I am so happy that the ugly (inside and out) crazy old gym teacher reaped what she had sowed. She could have gotten her argument across by saying “N word” and not using the word and by not saying “don’t NAACP me” but like Michael Richards AKA “Cosmo Kramer”, she ends up the trash heap of history, a history of her own making. I am so happy that the free market AKA sponsors started to pull their ads (I guess they were exercising their free speech) and she finally realized that she was just another “run of the mill gabby” and her days were numbered. She realized that she was not as smart as she thought she was, finally! The first three times she used the word might not have been in anger but the last eight she was filled with hate, so good riddance.

Palin was the one who got bent over the use of the word “Retard” (she wanted someone fired for using it once), Palin also said that the people have the right to build the Mosque in NY, but out of respect for the 9/11 families they shouldn’t, but I guess this same standard is not applicable to Laura Schlessinger. Do you see the hypocrisy? The problem with Palin is the same when she mistakenly referred to Ronald Reagan Eureka College, being in California and we all know its in Illinois, same thing, she does not fact check anything she is going to say. She is soooo Palin!

Posted by: Montana at August 25, 2010 10:20 PM