August 16, 2010

The Philly Inquirer continues to astound

... with idiocies in its editorials. Check out this paragraph from today's bit, regarding the GOP and illegal immigration:

Whether these efforts are serious or just mining for votes, they are a xenophobic assault on a well-settled principle of how we define our country. The Republican Party ironically pushed for adoption of the 14th Amendment in 1868 to prevent Southern states from denying citizenship to former slaves and their children.

How is it "ironic?" The GOP's efforts in 1868 were to secure the citizenship rights of those brought to the United States against their will and those of their kin. How is that in any way relevant to the present-day, 140 years later, where millions have come our country freely and willingly -- yet illegally??

Oh, it's "xenophobic." Uh huh. Count the Inquirer among the putzes who think the process of amending the Constitution -- wisely provided for by the Founders to deal with changing societal circumstances -- is somehow "un-American."

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I cancelled my Inky subscription in March and don't miss it much. But, how dumb and stubborn are they?

1- they could simply add a right & left side to their editorials and OPED's like USA Today and that could help with their bias problem.
2- Tonight I got about my 10th call from the Inky ask me to re-subscribe!

They certainly don't care about their bottom line.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at August 18, 2010 11:24 PM