August 05, 2010

But just don't dare ask them to see any ID!

Pass a law to check someone's residency status in the commission of a crime or some other violation of the law? The feds sue you.

Pass a law to become a sanctuary city? No worries! And now we see this:

Independence Investigates has obtained internal emails from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) showing that a software control intended to prevent the payment of unemployment insurance to unqualified citizens as well as to illegal aliens was shut off in early 2009.

The emails dictate that former CDLE unemployment insurance director Mike Cullen demanded “Work Order 51662” be given top priority within the department. Completion of the work order would mean various questions asked of someone filing for unemployment regarding citizenship would effectively be ignored by a computer system.

The documents also show that several individuals within the department immediately raised the issue that the work order might be circumventing the law, specifically House Bill 06-1023. HB 1023 was passed in a special session of the legislature in 2006, and mandated that certain government benefits, such as unemployment insurance, be denied to illegal aliens.

Word has it that Mr. Cullen is in line for a national humanitarian award because of his "sensitivity" and "caring attitude" towards unregistered/undocumented/not-entirely-lawful residents.

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