August 01, 2010

I thought he was a lawyer

President Obama, that is. Recently he said,

We should all make more of an effort to discuss with one another, in a truthful and mature and responsible way, the divides that still exist ó the discrimination thatís still out there, the prejudices that still hold us back ó a discussion that needs to take place not on cable TV, not just through a bunch of academic symposia or fancy commissions or panels, not through political posturing, but around kitchen tables, and water coolers, and church basements, and in our schools, and with our kids all across the country.

Eugene Volokh reminds us (at the link above) that discussing race around water coolers would NOT be a very good idea. That is, if you valued your continued employment. Why? Potential charges of "harassment" and "hostile work environment" among other tidbits. And in our schools? Yeah, right.

As I've said many times, "progressives" like Obama do want frank discussions on race -- as long as everyone agrees with their viewpoint. Otherwise, "RACIST!!!"

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More than that, you might as well face the facts: such discussions around the water cooler would inevitably be racially segregated. If you held the opinion, for example, that the urban black culture was the primary problem holding down black economic achievement, you would be far less likely to say so if one of the people around the water cooler was black.

Posted by: Dana at August 1, 2010 03:29 PM

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