August 01, 2010

Britain's N.H.S. -- can't pay for cancer drugs, can pay for renewed virginity

Via Common Sense Political Thought:

Three months ago, Bill Phelps became a widower — he watched, helpless, as his cancer-stricken young wife Nikki’s life slowly ebbed away.

Nikki, 37, a former teacher and mother of two-year-old twins, was denied the drug that might have saved her life, as it was deemed too costly by her NHS Primary Care Trust.

I wonder, then, how Mr Phelps feels after reading yesterday’s report that the NHS is happy to foot the bill for young women to have ‘virginity repairs’?

Nikki Phelps, pictured with husband Bill and her twins Harry and Jack, died after the NHS deemed treatment which could have saved her too costly How can it be right that the mother of his two little boys was condemned to death by an NHS that put women’s desire to appear ‘untouched’ before the right of a mother to live as long as she can to raise her children?

Latest figures show that there has been a 25 per cent rise in hymen replacement operations carried out on the NHS over the past four years. (Link.)

Is it a wonder that cancer survival rates are worst in Western Europe?

It sure is a "good" thing that we have Donald Berwick coming in to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, eh? He loves the British NHS.

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