July 26, 2010

Oh, but wait! part 2

Remember, climate change skeptics aren't allowed to use the [usually cold] weather as evidence of their claims. But when it's brutally hot?

As we East Coasters know, it’s been extremely hot here this summer, with records broken. But, hey, you could be living in Russia, where ABC News recently reported that a “heat wave, which has lasted for weeks, has Russia suffering its worst drought in 130 years. In some parts of the country, temperatures have reached 105 degrees.” Moscow’s high the other day was 93 degrees. The average temperature in July for the city is 76 degrees. The BBC reported that to keep cool “at lakes and rivers around Moscow, groups of revelers can be seen knocking back vodka and then plunging into the water. The result is predictable — 233 people have drowned in the last week alone.”

This is via the same Tom Friedman who said this this past winter about those pointing to record snowfalls:

Christiane, can I say one thing about the igloo? That is flat-out stupid. In the same week that that igloo was being built, it was raining in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, on the — on the downhill ski rack. In Jerusalem, I believe it was 96 degrees one day. And my friend and stock broker in Maine was playing golf that day, OK? So the fact that it snowed in Washington tells you nothing.

Sort of like this Wilmington News Journal cartoon from last week, right?

(h/t: The Corner.)

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Meanwhile, here in San Diego we're having to dress the kids in long-sleeve shirts in the middle of summer.

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