July 26, 2010

More MSM hilarity

They just can't let up, folks.

CBS's Bob Schieffer blasts bloggers and "some of the cable folk" as irresponsible for the Sherrod affair; claims MSM "never publishes or broadcasts anything unless they think it's true."

Uh huh. Right.

Elsewhere, Salon.com's Joan Walsh said that since Shirley Sherrod's father was killed by a white man, "She's entitled to talk about race any way she wants to," all the while claiming Sherrod's statements that Fox News and Andrew Breitbart "are racists" is true:

I'm not giving her a pass. But I think the idea that she shouldn't be able to say Fox or Breitbart is racist preposterous. She gets to say that because it's true, and because from her vantage point it's especially true.

Using such a "standard," it is then acceptable for anyone can talk about race any way he/she wants to. As Noel Sheppard notes in the link above, "I've got relatives that died in Nazi concentration camps. Does that mean my views on racism are incontestable and that I'm allowed to call anyone I want an anti-Semite regardless of merit?"

According to Walsh, yep. That is, if she is consistent. But more likely her standard applies only to select groups -- those "approved of" by the liberal Ruling Class.

Then there's 'ol Sam Donaldson who compared Fox News to -- wait for it -- Senator Joseph McCarthy:

I believe in the first amendment, there’s nothing you can do about it, although you wish for Joseph Welch to say as he did to Joe McCarthy, when Joe McCarthy was destroying someone on television: “Have you no decency at last?”

Who are these people that they should pay attention to and be afraid of? Who’s Glenn Beck, I mean, who’s Bill O'Reilly? Who’s Bret whatever his name is?” Donaldson recalled how FDR proclaimed: “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” So, the retired ABC News veteran advised: “President Obama, don’t be afraid of them. Take ‘em on and let the people judge.”

"Who's Glenn Beck?" "Who's Bill O'Reilly???" I mean, really? And Sam -- Obama and co. tried precisely what you suggest last year. Remember when they all went out claiming Fox wasn't "a legitimate" news organization, etc.? That didn't last very long, did it? The people have judged, Sam you idiot. That's why FNC kicks its competition's ass day after day after day.

As for your desire for "decency," stick it up your ass, Donaldson. Clean out your own house first before demanding such of your competitors. Need I offer reasons? I could make this post the longest I've ever written if I did.

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