July 24, 2010

Ah, our beloved News Journal

Taking a "principled stand" on the Shirley Sherrod affair, all the while botching one major fact (surprise):

It (the Obama admin.) apologized to Shirley Sherrod on Wednesday, saying the black official's ouster from the U.S. Agriculture Department was a rush to judgment.

In a March speech to an NAACP audience, Sherrod was captured on video confessing to racist feelings toward white farmers who needed help retaining their farm.

Fox News aired an excerpt on Monday that led to Sherrod's firing and her condemnation by the NAACP on Tuesday.

WRONG -- Fox News didn't air the excerpt until AFTER Ms. Sherrod was axed by the administration. Therefore, how could it "lead" to Sherrod's firing?

Racism is too serious a charge for such knee-jerk reaction by the media.

The viewing public must reject the 24-hour/YouTube news cycle treatment of racism charges and demand a window of investigative reporting to separate truth from allegation.

LMAO!! The News Journal actually is saying this?? Pardon me while I clean up the coffee I just spit up all over my monitor from laughing hysterically. Meanwhile, the Tea Party wants to know where this op ed was a few months ago.

UPDATE: The Philly Inquirer offers similar sentiments. Another surprise, that, eh?

UPDATE 2: The Philly Daily News follows suit. Lock-step MSM predictability!

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