July 23, 2010

JournoList merely a right-wing "witch hunt" by conservatives

... that, according to our old friend Perry, the Energizer Bunny:

Thus, this so-called “JournoList” is the same thing, an attempt initiated by Tucker Carlson, to demonize individuals who participate in an exchange of observations and ideas, as if it is some sort of a conspiracy of the left to control and manipulate the media and the news. Other than a list of names, where is the specific evidence?

If there ever was a bigger "head-in-the-sand" denial of basic reality, please show it to me. But Perry gets even "better":

Let us be honest, there is the same sort of inter communication among the opinion makers on the right, as evidenced by the talking points promulgated instantly amongst them on key issues, as they act in lock step. In fact, I will suggest that this sort of thing is more organized by the propagandists on the Right, taking their lead from Limbaugh and the FoxNews folks.

YEAH! So, even though there's no evidence of rightist journalists doing what lefties did via JouroList, they have a JournoList type of organization, and in fact they're even more organized than the lefties. And while the lefties merely "participate in an exchange of observations and ideas," the righties engage in "propaganda."

There's your comedic respite for the day, folks.

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